Rental Make Ready

The FixNut Home Rental Make Ready

Having grown out of the realty world, FixNut understands how to make a home move in ready. Our seasoned experts can take all rental homes and whip them into move-in-ready shape. 

Our outstanding customer service and unparalleled expertise we will ensure that your rent home is ready for new tenants!

Fixing Life, one job at a time

Package $TBD

Each visit will include the following:

FixNut Make Ready Checklist


Sink faucets, tub faucet, and shower head do not drip.

No leaks under sink or around toilet and tub.

Area under sink not rotted out or warped badly.

Sink stopper works.

Toilet does not run after flushing.

Toilet seat secure.

Tub and toilet caulking.

Shower rod installed.

All drawers are on track and all cabinet doors open and close properly.

Vent fan/light works. Not abnormally loud.

All lights work (match bulbs in size/color).

GFCI(s) tested.

Entire Home

All lights work (match bulbs in size/color).

Blinds open and close. (untangle ALL blind cords)

No rips or tears in window or door screens.

Window locks work.

Interior doors open and close freely. Locks work smoothly.

No missing receptacle and/or light switch covers.

Any ceiling damage is repaired.

All wall damage repaired, textured and painted if necessary (ALL nail holes).

All smoke detectors are operational. Detectors should be in each bedroom and one in any hallway outside a bedroom

CO2 detectors installed and operational (if gas appliances in unit.) Place between gas source and sleeping area

Water heater not leaking. Supply lines are not corroded or leaking

Replace HVAC filters.

Ceiling fan has chain and does not wobble when running.

Exterior Doors

Inspect weather stripping.

Inspect door hardware.

Inspect door stoppers.

Garage & Exterior

Inspect garage door opener

All lights work (match bulbs in size/color).


Area under sink not rotted out or warped badly.

No leaks under sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

Stove burners and oven work.

Vent hood fan (microwave) and light work.

Refrigerator and freezer has all drawers and door handle(s).

Garbage disposal works.

Dishwasher works - run one cycle with Dishwasher Magic cleaner.

All drawers are on track and all cabinet doors open and close properly.

GFCI(s) tested.


Double check your work. Work area is clean.